Our Team

Capital Management Consultants, Inc. (CMC)

An independent, SEC-registered advisory firm founded in 1988

Your Gain is Our Gain

Capital Management Consultants is an SEC-registered investment advisor. CMC’s fees are not generated by commissioned transactions. We base our trading decisions solely on the determination that the investments purchased will improve your portfolio’s performance. Simply stated, when your account value increases, our fees also increase. Your management fee is purely determined on your account balance at the end of each calendar quarter.

Your Best Interest At Heart

Unlike many brokerage firms that can be limited to a particular family of funds, CMC is an independent advisor with no allegiance to a third party, ensuring that we keep your best interest at heart. Your best interest can be better achieved by having an unlimited selection of funds, stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles from which to choose.

Your Assets are Safeguarded

In order to provide a separation between the clients’ funds and Capital Management Consultants, all assets are held at an independent third party custodian (TD Ameritrade). Monthly statements are sent to you from the custodian summarizing all account activity and balances.

Your Time is Valuable

We know that you are very busy, and time is money to you. As a valued client, CMC provides additional services at no charge to you in which many larger institutions require additional fees. Going above and beyond analyzing and investing your portfolio, we provide complimentary cost basis analysis, IRS mandated minimum distributions, college savings planning, life insurance reviews and estate planning recommendations, etc. On-site and off-site consultations are also provided at your convenience.