Investment Philosophy

Buy and Hold Only One Piece of Puzzle

Many advisors believe that the buy and hold approach to investing is the best way to invest in the stock market. We believe that this strategy is merely one piece of the puzzle. We subscribe to various investmentĀ strategies rather than adhering to just one asset allocation strategy. The stock market is constantly changing, and different strategies work better in different market environments. Our philosophy encompasses investing our client’s assets into primarily three investment strategies:

1. Strategic allocation

2. Tactical allocation

3. Dynamic allocation


We believe this investment philosophy separates our firm from other investment advisory firms.

Many different sources are used to decide where to allocate our portfolios which include technical analysis, fundamental analysis, outside independent research and our own in-house research. We construct our client portfolios using a combination of products such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and alternative investments. As stated above, our client’s portfolios will either be overweighted or underweighted in different asset classes based upon our clients’ objectives, risk tolerance and market conditions. As an example, during periods of increasing market volatility, economic deterioration, or when our technical indicators turn negative on the market, we are not afraid to take defensive positions. We would sell our equity positions and allocate those assets into fixed-income investments, money market investments, or inverse positions which are designed to benefit from a declining stock market. In the case of an improving stock market and low volatility, we would tend to allocate back into equities and reduce our defensive positions.

Protect and Advance Strategy

Our primary goal is to protect our client’s assets during market declines and participate in a positive or rising stock market environment….”Protect and Advance”. For more information on our strategies and for a complimentary analysis of your portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us at (847) 498-8899 or